Designer Melinda Lewis' passion for making old things new was forged in the garage of a small southern California 1920's bungalow.  Old furniture purchased from yard sales or pulled from dumpsters, stripped, repainted & distressed- became rustic works of art adorning her California home.  Eventually what started out as a hobby, blossomed into a passion and eventually lead to her love of creating custom spaces for clients throughout the intermountain west and southern California.  

Four Corners Design & Staging proudly serves homeowners desiring custom interior spaces, while considering all budget shapes and sizes.  We are available for consulting services, interior design & decorating, and staging homes for potential sellers.  Four Corners' keystone principles are driven by the artistic freedom to create spaces mixing the charm and intricacy found in the pieces of yesteryear, and the cleanliness of new and more contemporary styling, creating truly unique and custom homes specifically catered to each client. 


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Our Story...

After having six of her own children, Melinda and her husband embarked on a humanitarian trip with their oldest daughter to a small village in the Volta Region of Ghana.  The humanitarian trip not only created a deep love for other cultures but sparked a desire to give back and make a difference. The Lewis family had the opportunity to adopt two wonderful children thus completing their family of ten.

With greater respect and awareness for the needs and challenges of our global community, Four Corners is committed in its efforts to give back and inspire others to help make a difference.  A portion of our proceeds are given to the betterment of the people in Ghana and other needy communities across the globe.  Our focus is in teaching and inspiring local peoples and leaders to educate and better themselves from within, thus improving the community at large.  Through our personal and business efforts, we hope to inspire those we come in contact with to look towards giving back as well.

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